Winter Break

School will be in session on Friday, December 19th from 7:55 – 9:55.

Winter Break will begin at 9:55 and continue on until January 4th.

Students will return to school on Monday, January 5th.

Festive Fine Forgiveness Time

In the spirit of the holidays, the library is offering a “Festive Fine Forgiveness Time” on Thursday December 18 from 7:30-9:00.

Any student that owes a library fine can receive “festive fine forgiveness” by doing the following:

On the morning of December 18 anytime from 7:30-9:00,
Bring the fine slip to the library—you MUST bring the slip with you. You must hand the slip to Mrs. Gibson personally. (A friend or teacher can not do this for you–the slip must be presented by you personally.) Mrs. Gibson will sign the slip and you must also sign the slip. Mrs. Gibson will keep the slip as a record of your “forgiveness.” That’s all that is required to receive this one time holiday offer!

Anyone that has a book that is overdue may receive the same offer with one exception. You must bring the overdue book to Mrs. Gibson as well as the overdue slip. Once Mrs. Gibson and you, the student, have signed the slip, you will receive the “festive fine forgiveness.”


Any book that has been lost must be paid for—this charge cannot be forgiven.
No fines will be forgiven on late books that are not returned.

This is a one time, one-day holiday offer—not to be repeated later in the school year.
Students are encouraged to take advantage of this BDP holiday opportunity.

Remember one time, one day—

anytime from 7:30-9:00!!!

Band Christmas Concert Tonight

This year’s concert will be held in the Auditorium of Walter J. Baird Middle School at 7pm.

6th grade performances will be followed by the 7th and 8th grade performing together.

* Don’t forget: Charlie and the Chocolate Factory performances will be held on Friday and Saturday night at 6:30pm.

This Week at WJB

Monday:  Homecoming Game 4:15pm

Tuesday:  Wrestling home matches 4:30pm

Thursday:  Band Christmas Concert  7pm

Thursday:  Basketball at Algood Middle in Cookeville 4:30pm

Thursday:  Wrestling home matches 4:30pm

Friday:  Charlie and the Chocolate Factory performance

Saturday:  Charlie and the Chocolate Factory performance

Homecoming Spirit Days

Students can show school spirit and earn points for their grade level by dressing up each day:

Thursday, December 4th:  Future Career Day

Friday, December 5th:  Senior Citizen Day

Monday, December 8th:  Blue and White Day


Homecoming Activities will be on Monday, December 8th between the girls and boys basketball games.  JV games begin at 4:15 followed by varsity girls at 6pm.

*  CORRECTION:  Homecoming Activities will take place during half time of the boys game.  Approximately 7:30.

December Events:

Basketball Homecoming
December 8th

Band Christmas Concert
December 11th

Charlie & the Chocolate Factory
School Play
December 12th & 13th

Abbreviated School Day
December 19th

VIP: Very Important Practice

Parents should receive a text message and an email each time a student does not turn in a “practice” (assignment) on time.

Parents should then receive an email stating the “practice” (assignment) is turned in to the student’s teacher when it is complete.

  • If a parent is only receiving an email:  WJB may have the wrong cell number for the parent
  • If a parent is only receiving a text:  WJB may have the wrong email for the parent
  • If you haven’t received either:
    • WJB may need both a cell number and an email
    • or the student may have completed all “practices” on time.

To update your information please email:

or contact the school at 615-444-2190