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School Wide Positive Behavior Expectations


Walter J Baird Middle School

School-Wide Positive Behavior Support (SWPBS)

The classroom management and discipline plan for Walter J Baird Middle School has been developed using School-Wide Positive Behavior Support guidelines.  An important part of the plan is teaching the expected behaviors in specific areas of the school: classroom, gymnasium, cafeteria, restrooms, hallway, bus, media center, lab settings, special event/assembly, field trip, emergency procedures, arrival/dismissal areas, and bus.   Reminding students of the expectations through re-teaching is also a part of the process throughout the school year. Students are rewarded to encourage compliance with the expectations and offered incentive events throughout the year as another reward for following expectations.


School Wide Positive Behavior Support (SWPBS) is systematic and individualized strategies for achieving important social and learning outcomes while preventing problem behavior with all students.  SWPBS is a combination of effective practices that: teaches and encourages respectful, responsible behaviors and uses data continuously to support decision-making. It also creates an individualized, total school climate that supports staff and student behavior and encourages family engagement.


The outcomes of utilizing SWPBS are:  increased instructional time, improved staff and student attendance, increased student proficiency, increased parent participation and partnerships, improved community involvement and support, and a decrease in staff turnover.


Every classroom teacher will develop rules and expectations for acceptable behavior for his/her classroom in compliance with the overall school plan.  The rules and expectations will be communicated to the students and parents/guardians. The teacher will handle consequences for violations of the classroom rules. When inappropriate behavior from a particular student continues to occur or is a major event, an office referral form becomes necessary.


The Lebanon Special School District Middle Schools Office Referral Form will be used to record inappropriate behavioral events resulting in an office visit.  Students will receive a copy of the referral which provides information on the Problem Behaviors, Possible Motivation, Others Involved, Administrative Action, and Student Response to take home to parents.  The problem behaviors are identified based on consistent definitions for the types of unacceptable behavior which result in office referrals.  


The three school-wide rules are:  Be Ready, Display Respect, and Practice Responsibility
The preferred method of handling student behavior will always be the positive approach, with rewards given to encourage and acknowledge students that are exhibiting the desired behavior.   Office discipline referrals will be utilized when this approach has not been effective.
BDP Be Ready Display Respect Practice Responsibility
Classrooms • Be on time
• Have all materials
• Listen to teacher/others when they are speaking • Work hard at all times
• Ask for help when needed
Hallway • Walk along the right side of hall 
• Have a pass from teacher
• Respect other people's space • Talk in your normal voice level
Cafeteria • Enter through correct entrance • Use inside voice
• Throw trash away when finished
• Only 10 people per table
• Stay at your assigned table
• Use pass to access the restroom
Restroom • Use during breaks between classes • Respect others privacy
• Put trash into receptacles
• Be Safe
• Notify an adult if there is a problem
Gym • Wear appropriate clothing/shoes
• Leave all food/drink outside
• Play safely and fairly • Follow all safety rules
• Listen for directions
• Participate in directed events
Library • Return borrowed materials on time • Enter and exit quietly
• Use whisper voice
• Keep borrowed items in same condition
• Ask for help when needed
Science Lab • Know and follow all lab rules • Work quietly within your group and area • Use equipment properly
• Notify teachers of any problems and/or accidents
Technology • Bring Chrome book charged to class • Use only as assigned
• Stay on task
• Cell phone free zone
Emergency Drill • Walk quietly in a single line • Remain silent
• Keep hands and feet to self
• Follow directions
Athletic Events • Dress appropriately
• Have your ride pick you up on time
• Speak to staff, students, and other appropriately • Stay in designated area
Field Trips / Special Assemblies • Use indoor voice
• Follow directions
• Keep hands and feet to self • Give the speaker full attention
Arrival / Dismissal • Listen & watch for your time to leave • Keep hands and feet to self
• Use appropriate language
• Stay in seat and use normal voice
Bus • Be on time at your stop
• Be ready to exit the bus at your stop
• Keep hands and feet to self
• Use appropriate language
• Stay in seat and use normal voice
• Keep the bus clean